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is a community-driven hyperdeflationary token.

New RFI-inspired token listing DEX with Pancakeswap as its liquidity provider; automated smell tests and anti-rug hardening tools; cool surprises coming for diamond hands who don’t sell.

5% reflection rewards to HODLERS

5% liquidity

No Dev funds

No pre-sale

Rug proof

Heavily weighted burn wallet creates a black hole that eats supply



UnSafeMoon is a hyperdeflationary asset that employs a 10% tax on transactions. 5% of which is distributed to holders, and 5% which goes to liquidity (similar to SafeMoon and other RFI tokens). What we’ve done differently is burned 99.9% of the supply from 1 quadrillion,  current circulating supply is sitting around 880 billion. The heavily weighted burn wallet eats a larger % of these reflections each transaction, which reduces the supply at a faster rate, while still rewarding holders with redistribution. This model rewards holders the most as their stacks grow while the burn wallet eats the supply out from under them. It’s an aggressive form of tokenomics that we’re excited to see play out. In addition to the benefits the token itself provides, we’re also building out an RFI friendly DEX, custom RFI token generator (allows non-tech people to customize and deploy their own RFI tokens with the push of a few buttons), a platform for auditing and rating projects integrity and «rug-pull potential», NFT market place, and gamification of RFI tokens. The tokens utility will be used as payment in this ecosystem, all of which will be sent straight to the burn wallet further reducing supply.